Registration related services

Sale Deed

The Sale Deed can also be called as conveyance deed. In this document, seller transfers his rights to the purchaser who will the owner there onwards. Before processing the sale deed,Property’s Previous Parent document till date needed to be inspected closely by a well versed advocate.

A Draft Sale Deed has full details of the parties, advance amount paid, mode of balance amount payable, receipt of the balance amount by the seller, handing over the original documents of the property, handing over the possession of the property, handing over the authorization letter to transfer power and water meters, signing of the application for transfer of Khatha, title of the seller of the property, identifying the purchaser in case of defect in the title, easement rights, will be prepared by the our advocate. Such draft Sale Deed should be mentioned as draft Sale Deed and shall be signed by the purchaser and Seller. We have experience advocate to provide assistance in this. We will proceed the document legally under well versed advocate and document writer.We prepare Draft sale deed , we get it registered in registration Office alone with witness.The details will be reflected in Encumbrance Certificate of that property.

Construction Agreement

The construction agreement is a legally binding agreement between the builder and the buyer.It give a detailed account of Rights, Duties and commitment of the both parties. This agreement is very important for both construction contractor and buyer. We arrange this agreement with our experienced advocate and experience document writer. We also register this agreement legally.

Rectification Deed

A Rectification deed is made when we want to correct a mistake in the principal deed such as typographical errors or details such as the total area of the property, incorrect location and address of the property, incorrect survey location, etc. this Error may also occurs due to un experienced document writer and advocate. All the related parties should accept the changes to be made in the principal deed and the corrected deed should be registered in that sub registration office of that place. We provide this service with our advocate and document writers and register it soon with our person.

Gift Deed

A Gift deed is gifting a property to someone or transfer the ownership of the property to that person. This Gift deed can be done only within blood relationship. this deed also to be register at subs Register’s office. We also register this deed.

General Power of Attorney (POA)

Power of Attorney (POA) is a deed that gives right or authority to one person (who is called as an agent) to sign the documents on behalf of another (referred as the principal). This appointed agent or legal representative can do all transaction or any other legal issues. In such cases, the other person’s signature is legally effective to as the principal has signed the document. Power of Attorney includes drafting of a document which specifies another person as an agent and assigns him the power to act as the legal representative. We prepare the documents related to it with experienced document writers and advocate. We register it in government Registration office.

Special Power of Attorney

A Special power of Attorney means Limited Power of Attorney. It gives the agent the rights on the act on the principal’s behalf under certain specific circumstance. Authority can permit the agent to, for example, purchase or sell a home, withdraw money from a bank account, cash checks or run a business. The principal can create more than one special power of attorney, naming a different individual in each one.

Settlement Deed

A settlement deed (also called a trust instrument) where the property owner can settle his property to his heirs. We arrange this deed with advocate and document writer with our person.

Partition Deed

A partition deed means that property is divided equally by the all heirs after their parent expired. If a partition is by mutual consent, then partition deed is executed by the all owners. The partition deed is must be to be registered at the office of the sub-registrar of the place where the property is situated.

Sale Agreement

It is an agreement between both parties, which means it has rights as sale deed. Normally a sale agreement is made where the party has given time to pay money for the property. In some areas it is consider as sale deed agreement.

Lease Agreement

An Agreement is made between a lessor and lessee that give the lessee rights to the use of a property owned or managed by the lessor for a given period of time. The agreement does not provide ownership rights to the lessee; however, the lessor may give certain allowances like modify, change the property according to the lessee. During the lease period, the lessee is solo responsible for the condition of the property. We prepare lease agreement for the parties.

Will Registration

Will is that property owner after his end of life, he according to his will , writes his property to another person or his heirs. We arrange registration of will with our advocate.

Memorandum Of Deposit Of Title Deeds

The person borrowing and transferring his interest in an immovable property to the lender is called the mortgagor. The lender is the mortgagee and the funds(private parties and bank) lent against which the property is used as security is the mortgage money. The instrument by which the transfer is effected is called a mortgage-deed.