Contact Point Verification refers Verification of Records / information provided by potential customers is an important and compulsory process in various industries including banking, employment, telecom etc. We are conducting contact point verification for various loan sanctioned by the bank. We verify the address of the borrowers/guarantors and collect their personal data including residence proof , employment proof and bank statement. We do Contact Point Verifications / Field Investigation with persistent work or effort at the minimum possible turn around times. We also modify the verification process based on the requirements of the Bank

Residence Verification:

Residence Verification and History let us to verify an individual's current residential address and previous address. We, the Crore service employees personally go to the given address and verify details such as.
1) The person applying for the loan is really living in that house
2) Is that house is his own house or rented.
3) Total area of the house.
4) Details of visible properties such as furnitures, computer, music system, tv, fridge and other.
5)Is there are any vehicle for that applicant. we find out all these and give report.

Business Verification:

Employess from crore service visit the address of applicant's business area to confirm whether
1) Applicant is really doing that business
2) From which period he as been doing that business,we also enquire the surrounding area
3) Total sqft
4) No of persons workinh in that business
5) Approx. stock
6) Office telephone etc.

Salary Verification:

We, The crore service people vist the applicant's company and get details such as
1) Whether the applicant's address and the company are same
2) We verify whether the appllicant is really working in that designation
3) We do enquiry to the people working that office
4) Which period he has been working in tha office.
5) his leftover service 6) no. of emloyess working in that office
6) We verify his last three months pay slip also
7) We verify his Form 16 using his pan card details

Bank Statement Verification:

Crore Services has good relationship with Nationalized and private banks. It will verify and reveal you the authentic information about Salary account,SB account,Current account.